"Any piano refinisher should be considered a Saint. It is one of the most demanding jobs for a craftsman to do properly"


Piano refinishing is always difficult and time consuming. It is the part of piano rebuilding that most often is unprofitable. Yet it is also an important concern of the owner or buyer. The best advice is to examine the refinishing work in progress and decide what quality level you are willing to pay for.

A first rate refinishing job can involves weeks of hard work and attention to detail. The metal parts must be polished or plated. Veneer must be replaced or reglued and case parts repaired and screw holes sized. All the parts must be re-felted with the proper felt and glue. It is all in the details!

Hand rubbing the finish to a smooth texture can take days. The lid must come out perfect as it is so easy to sight down and see blemishes. The legs and lyre should be somewhat darker rather than lighter than the lid and sides of the case (if the piano is walnut or mahogany). The quality of the lacquer and other refinishing supplies must be first rate or severe finish problems can show up years later.





I had to manufacture an entire new lid for this Steinway.

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