Upon receiving your initial contact, I determine what you are really looking for, both used and new. Then I can determine the options. I figure it out like a puzzle. A lot is determined by the amount of funds available and the finish color desired. Often I come up with a selection of three or four alternative pianos that are worthy of consideration. The tonal qualities of the piano and the weight and feel of the action are also critical; within the same manufacturer there is tremendous diversity. many salesmen do not really play the piano and cannot evaluate these distinctions. "Take a great instrument and put it in the hands of a musician and his whole life opens up."

Piano brands differ, but Brownfield doesn't really pick out one brand over another. I help customers find the highest quality instrument for the amount of money available. Often salesmen confuse the situation by saying that an entire piano line is bad or inferior. This is usually the piano his competitor sells. I prefer to look for the desirable models of every piano maker. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation given out by salesmen because they have not done their homework. When a person is buying a piano, they should disallow the advice of salesmen and make sure they buy the piano they love.

The shop has sold various brands of new and used pianos over the years including Steinway, Toyo, Mason & Hamlin and Kawai. Brownfield adds that he doesn't like to quote prices before he finds out what type of piano a person is looking for. It is important to find the right piano for the person.